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This is a genuine scenario I was called out to. The customer was adamant that there was a trespasser living in her loft. She was convinced that in the middle of the night they would come out and get her.

Obviously I had to deal with this sensitively, but to help reassure her nobody was there I went into the loft and shone a light. She was not keen to come up the loft ladder, but did seem to take my word that nobody was up there (at the moment).

I fitted a latch so that the loft couldn't be opened by any potential stow-away. As many professionals are all too aware, sometimes a customer does not appreciate the value of a trader's work so I was offered £30 for my work. Often we get calls from people asking us to get them into their homes and offering to pay us £10. 

That said she was very happy after I had fitted the lock and said she would sleep well knowing she was safe.

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